Diwali Photos & Crowdfunding a Movie

Dear All,

It has been a long wait for the Diwali Photos. But now there are some in the Gallery.  And of course we had great fun, classical music, bollywood dancing and yummy food :-)

You must have heard about the first crowd funded Indian Movie Lucia. It’s a Kannada movie and a very good movie with great twists and turns and shows the intricacies of the human mind! Do watch it if you have not.

The directorof this film is beginning his next movie and would like to go for the public again for the funding of the movie.

There are some very interesting goodies for all and if you would like to crowd fund, then the link for that is here – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/to-make-c10-h14-n2-film-in-kannada

More information on the movie itself here – http://www.c10h14n2thefilm.com/

Have fun and soon there will be news for this year’s last ladies Potluck Party!

Until then warm wishes,

Indian Association Switzerland




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